Powerful Monitoring without the Frustration

StatusCake is the fastest growing web monitoring service with over 50,000+ customers. We've taken the frustration out of Monitoring with zero false alerts and a powerful feature set.


...Then The Power

We don't just offer basic monitoring, with StatusCake you get HTTP Monitoring, DNS, TCP, PING but also Blacklist Monitoring, Virus Checking, Full Site Scan and so very much more

We've focused on ensuring when you get an alert from StatusCake you can trust it's a real issue. We've sent over 50 million alerts, but never a confirmed false positive 

The Basics, Done Right

You have the power to pick where your site is tested from, with test locations in over 30 different countries and over 100 different data centers. When we say global, we mean it.


All the features you'd expect, then more

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Setup Maintance windows so you're in control of when you get alerted.

Be the first to know if you get blacklisted with our Blacklist Monitoring.

Check Every 30 Seconds, or even constantly. Your in control of your check rate

Detailed analytics letting you know what went wrong, allowing you to fix it quicker

Never Get a False Positive. We use several confirmation servers before sending alerts.

Global reach covering every corner of the earth - and maybe in the future beyond!

Over 50,000 customers can rest easy

We've got some of the worlds largest companies, and some of the smallest. 

Use StatusCake Free. Forever.

Don't just take our word for it, try out the fastest growing monitoring platform.

Monitoring Unleashed

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